Congratulations to our NCORE 2013 Student Scholars!


NCORE® Student Scholarship Program


  • All NCORE® Student Scholars will be required to complete the NCORE® 2014 Student Scholars' On-Site Educational Program. This program has academic, community outreach, and networking components that require each student scholar to participate in and complete a sufficient number of sessions (at least 20 session hours) to earn a Student Scholar Certificate of Participation.
  • The student scholarship covers the registrations fee for selected recipients. Scholarship recipients and/or their institutions will be responsible for their own travel, hotel, and all other conference-related expenses.
  • Both undergraduate and graduate students will be given equal consideration.

Submit four (4) collated sets of the three items listed below:

1. A cover letter that specifically addresses the following items (A through D) below:

  • A. Your academic interests and achievements
  • B. Your leadership interests and experience.
  • C. Your reasons for wanting to attend and participate in NCORE .
  • D. Your commitment and availability to participate fully in the conference and the Student Scholar’s On-site Educational Program (outlined above).

2. A copy of your résumé.

3. Two letters of recommendation from faculty and/or staff at your institution. These letters must include both the two following elements:

  • A stated commitment of institutional support for conference-related costs not covered by the scholarship or state that these costs will be covered by another source.The NCORE Student Scholarship covers the cost of registration only.
  • Affirm the students' commitment and availability to participate fully in the conference and the Student Scholars' On-site Educational Program (outlined above).

NOTE: In the selection process, scores for letters of recommendation that do not address items A and B will be penalized for their failure to do so.  It is the responsibility of scholarship applicants to communicate this effectively to those individuals they ask to write letters of recommendation.

The deadline for scholarship application submission is February 28, 2014*. Notification of awards will be made by March 31, 2014.  (*Postmarked by February 28, 2014)

NCORE Student Scholarship Committee
3200 Marshall Avenue, Suite 290
Norman, Oklahoma 73072
Phone: (405) 325-3694