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Pre-Conference Institutes are an optional day of NCORE programming. These institutes represent the most in-depth material on a subject at NCORE, offering 7 to 10 clock-hours of content. When you register, you should choose ONE session to attend the entire day on Tuesday, May 26th. Some institutes continue the morning of Wednesday, May 27th, and are noted as such on the individual session pages linked below. 

An added benefit: you will earn one Continuing Education Unit (CEU) by attending a Pre-Conference Institute. It will be the discretion of your professional organization or association whether they accept the CEU for credit. 

  • Click the session title links below for descriptions, presenters, and other information.
  • Session room locations will be announced mid-May
  • Sessions have limited seating capacities and may fill at any time. 
  • If you change your mind, you may change your session if a seat is available until May 11, 2020, at 8:00 AM Central Time. You cannot log in to change your session online. Email to do so.

NCORE 2020 Pre-Conference Institutes

1100 - Understanding and Leveraging the Student Voice to Impact Institutional Change

1101 - Student Social Justice Institute

1102 - "TALK THE TALK, AND WALK THE WALK!" How to Hone Your Speaking and Writing Skills to Reflect Your Excellence. A Hands-On Institute for NCORE Student Leaders

1103 - Let’s Get Real: The Challenges and Advantages of Hip-Hop’s Power, Privilege, Politics, and Pedagogy

1104 - Black Identity Development and Cultural Aesthetics at American Higher Educational Institutions: An Examination of How Concepts of Blackness Informs the Campus Climate Experience, Success and Achievement

1105 - Activist Gotta Eat: How to be Gainfully Employed While Leading the Revolution

1107 - 2020 La Raza Cosmica: Unpacking the Demographics of Latinos in the Higher Education

1108 - Becoming Hispanic-Serving Institutions (HSIs): From Latinx-Enrolling to Latinx-Serving

1110 - Creating Ocean: The Pacific Islander Institute

1111 - The Successful Native American Student Center: Addressing Wrap-Around Services for Native Students

1112 - Combating Anti-Blackness in Non-Black Communities of Color

1113 - Interrogating Race, Migration, and Exclusion: A Crash Course on Asian American Pacific Islander Desi/American History and Politics

1114 - Asians and Asian Americans in Higher Education: Breaking the Silence through Relational Understanding and Voicing our Cultural Pride

1115 - Serving Multiracial Students by Reimagining Higher Education through a Multiracial Lens

1116 - The Women of Color Leadership Institute

1117 - Women of Color & Women's Stealth Leadership; Adapting and Transcending When Incoming Change Missiles Throw Us Off Our Game - Chapter 14

1118 - Intersectional Interventions: Supporting Queer and Trans Students of Color

1119 - Empowering Diverse Queer Communities: Healing Traumatic Wounds and Building Solidarity

1121 - What's Love Got to Do With It: Taking on White Supremacy Culture and the Intersection with Class in our Leadership and Teaching

1122 - "Dismantling the Racism Machine": Myths Taught to White Educators that Perpetuate White Supremacy

1123 - White Nationalism and the Alt-Right in Higher Education: Shaping Effective Community and Institutional Responses

1124 - The Chief Diversity Officer: Role, Structure, Strategy, and Sustainability

1125 - The Complexity of Student‐Centered Work, Race & Inclusion in the American Academy

1126 - America Abroad: Reproduction of White Supremacy and Colonialism OR the Promotion of Global Justice?

1127 - Facilitating Intergroup Dialogues in Higher Education: Key Pedagogical Principles and Practices for Preparing and Supporting Facilitators

1128 - Transformational Relationships: Shifting from Fear toward Understanding

1129 - Developing Impactful Race Affinity Spaces on Campus

1130 - Repositioning Cultural Centers to Better Leverage our Social Capital

1131 - Using "Activist Assessment & Evaluation" for Socially Just Educational Environments: It Works If You Work It!

1132 - Dismantling the 'U.S. versus International' Dichotomy:  Creating Synergy between Intercultural and Diversity/Social Justice Approaches in a Globalizing Context

1133 - The Body Already Knows: A Framework for Dismantling Race, Racism and Whiteness and Achieving Racial Justice

1134 - Designing and Facilitating Diversity and Social Justice Education: Honing Our Skills

1135 - Innovations in Decreasing Microaggressions from Psychological Science

1136 - Creating Counter-Storytelling Community for Cross-Race Dialogue

1137 - From the Ground Up: Developing Your Campus' Strategic Plan for Diversity and Inclusion

1138 - Writing and Assessing Student Learning Outcomes for Social Justice Education

1139 - A Whole New World...Teaching Tools and Strategies for International Students