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Pre-Conference Institutes are an optional day of NCORE programming, comprised of 7 to 10 clock-hours of content - providing an unparalleled opportunity to explore a topic in-depth. When registering, choose ONE session to attend the entire day on Tuesday, May 31st (some institutes continue the morning of Wednesday, June 1st).   

You will earn one Continuing Education Unit (CEU) by attending a Pre-Conference Institute. The CEU will be made available to you after the conference. It will be the discretion of your professional organization or association whether they accept the CEU for credit. 

  • Sessions have limited seating capacities and may fill at any time.
  • You may change your session if a seat is available. Click the modification link in your registration confirmation to change your session.


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Pre-Conference Institute Titles

1101 - Today’s Native Student Voice: Are We Hearing Their Needs? { SESSION FULL }

1102 - Intersectional Interventions: Supporting Queer and Trans Students of Color

1103 - Social Justice in a Racial Pandemic: Asian Americans Rising Up, Speaking Out and Flourishing

1104 - Becoming Hispanic-Serving Institutions (HSIs): From Latinx-Enrolling to Latinx-Serving  { SESSION FULL }

1105 - Connecting Across Contested Identities to Imagine Healing and Liberatory Racial Futures { SESSION FULL }

1106 - Confronting White Supremacy in the Workplace for Asian Americans

1107 - Unequivocally Pro-Black: Black identity and cultural aesthetics as navigational tools at predominantly and historically White 

           institutions – An interruption of Whiteness and Anti-Blackness, and its impacts on student belonging, success, and achievement.

1108 - Creating Ocean: Navigational Resources for The Journey of Pacific Islander Communities in Higher Education

1109 - Tools & Strategies to Lead White Accountability Groups on College and University Campuses

1110 - Addressing and Transforming Embodied Whiteness in the Service of Racial Justice Work { SESSION FULL }

1111 - [ 4/14/22: This Institute has been Canceled ]

1112 - Creating Synergy between Intercultural and DEIJ Approaches in a Globalizing Context

1113 - Facilitating Anti-Oppression and Liberation Workshops, Groups, and 1:1 Interactions { SESSION FULL }

1114 - Designing and Assessing Social Justice Education Workshops

1115 - The Complexity of Student‐Centered Work, Race & Inclusion in the American Academy

1116 - Unbound: Freeing the Self from the Conditioning of Racism | A Workshop for PoC { SESSION FULL }

1117 - Women of Color and Women’s Stealth Leadership: NOT sidelined by the Pandemic, Chapter 15

1118 - Understanding & Leveraging Your Student Voice for Institutional Change

1119 - Aspire: Women of Color Leadership Institute  { SESSION FULL }

1120 - Hip-Hop Institute [ 5/23/22: This Institute has been Canceled ]

1121 - Student Social Justice Institute

1122 - CDO Institute: Building Coalitions to Embed and Sustain DEI Work  

1123 - CDO Institute: Building a DEI Strategic Plan That Lasts  { SESSION FULL }

1124 - Post Pandemic- Chicanas/os/Latin/as/os/xs in the Higher Education Staying On the Path

1125 - Stopping the Cycle of Oppression: How Our Early Hurts Perpetuate Injustice