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NCORE 2021 promises to be an exciting, engaging, and interactive event. We encourage you to join us and #StartTheConversationOnline June 7-11, 2021. Answers to common questions are below. 




Can I / how do I log into the conference platform?
The conference platform is open for registrants. Visit this page for login instructions.


    Why haven't I received email messages from NCORE?
    NCORE sends at least one email per week to current registrants with updates and information. We check for undeliverable and/or bounced messages and resend as applicable using a variety of methods. 

    Other steps to consider:

    • Check Junk / Spam folders.
    • If you have ever unsubscribed from NCORE messages, the email manager we use cannot send to your address again without your permission. Therefore, a "resubscribe" email has been sent. Click the link found inside to be added back to the mailing list.
    • Add and as "safe senders" to your email program.
    • Most everything in the emails we send can be found on this FAQ page or the Information for Current Registrants page.


    NCORE 2021 Registrants - click below to review important sent messages.

    Login Instruction Email   Conference Update 6/2/21


    Will I log in on the NCORE website or the NCORE registration site?
    No; it is a separate site. See above for details.


    Do I need to pre-register for sessions?
    Only Pre-Conference Institutes require advanced selection. Choose a session title during registration.

    Sessions held Tuesday-Friday do not require advanced selection. If you are registered for that day, you can access any session after entering the conference platform. Session waiting rooms can be joined approximately 5-10 minutes before the session start time. Click the Join Session Button.


    Can I log in on more than one device?
    Registration is set up for one virtual conference login for one individual. It is not for multiple simultaneous logins / multiple locations. Log out of one device before signing onto another device. Login information should be protected and not shared.


    Will I receive Zoom links?
    No; you will log into a site that has all of the sessions organized by day. You will be able to click on a title to be taken to that session's page. The page will have a button that you click to enter the Zoom room.


    Do I need a password?
    No; all you need is the email address used to register and access to that mailbox. 


    When do the sesion rooms "open"?
    Approximately 5-10 minutes before scheduled start time, the button on the session page will change and you can enter the waiting room. When the presentation is about to begin, you will be admitted from the waiting room.


    Will the sessions be recorded? How do I view them?
    All concurrent sessions are set to record. Please be advised that in some circumstances as identified by the presenter and in collaboration with NCORE administration, recording can be paused or stopped. Session recordings will be available 7-10 days after NCORE. Log back into the the conference site, using the same method, and navigate to the session's page. The video, if available, will be posted and available for a year after the conference.


    Where are handouts/slide decks/resource materials?
    If provided, these items will be posted to the individual session pages. Log back into the conference site, using the same method, and navigate to the session's page. Materials may be added even after the conference concludes; continue to check the site. All materials received will be posted as soon as possible and available for a year after the conference. 


    When will the recorded sessions appear on the conference platform?
    Check the site 7-10 days after NCORE ends. 


    What steps can I take to prepare for NCORE?

    • Visit the Information for Current Registrants page.
    • The virtual conference platform will connect you to Zoom rooms for sessions. Test out your Zoom connection here: 
    • Prepare to network with people you meet in the sessions. Update your Linkedin and other social media profiles!
    • Download a QR code reader in the event presenters wish to share information with that method.


    How do I register more than one person in a single transaction?

    • Begin entering registration details for the first registrant.
    • When you reach the Payment/Verification screen, click the Add Registrant link to enter a second person.
    • Repeat until your group is complete.
    • Press Submit to be taken to the Payment/Verification screen.
    • Payment can be made by credit card.


    We registered multiple people in a group. Does everyone receive a confirmation?
    Only the person who entered the registration for a group receives an automatic confirmation. Registrants will receive conference-specific emails within a week after registrations are processed.


    May we get a group discount?
    The window for group discounts has passed.


    How do I "add a day" to my registration?
    Email After you exit the registration system, any changes must be made manually by The University of Oklahoma's Registration & Records staff.


    Can I log in to make any changes after I register?
    No. Please email


    How can I change my Pre-Conference Institute?
    At this time, changes to your institute selection can no longer be made.


    When is the registration deadline?
    Registration will remain open up to and throughout the conference. NCORE encourages you to register as soon as possible.




    Where do I mail a check payment?
    Address: The University of Oklahoma Registration & Records Department, 1700 Asp Avenue, Suite B-1, Norman, OK 73072-6400. 


    When are check payments due?
    Checks should arrive by May 21, 2021, so NCORE may process. 


    I selected Pay by Check during registration. May I / How do I change to Pay by Credit Card?
    Call (405) 325-6808 to pay over the phone. The office is open Monday-Friday from 8:00 AM-5:00 PM Central time.


    Can I log back in and pay online?
    No. Please choose a method listed above.


    When is a credit card payment due?
    To allow adequate processing time, make card payments no later than June 4th. 


    How do I receive Continuing Education Units for NCORE?
    If you indicated you wished to receive CEUs during registration, no action will need to be taken on your part. After the conference, the Registration & Records Department at the University of Oklahoma Outreach/College of Continuing Education will send a certificate to you. You can present it to your respective licensing boards, governing bodies, and organizations for consideration as continuing education credit. Note: CEUs are not valid for college/academic credit.

    If you did not sign up for CEUs during registration but would like to receive them, email us as soon as possible.


    How many CEUs will I earn for attending NCORE?
    One (1.0) Continuing Education Unit (CEU) will be awarded for each day you attend.


    If I am scheduled to volunteer, do I need to register?
    No. NCORE will take care of your registration for the days that you are set to volunteer.



    Tell me about the next NCORE.
    NCORE 2022 will be held in person May 31-June 4, in Portland, Oregon. There will also be an online event in 2022 in addition to the in-person conference. Details to be determined and announced.


    How do I learn more about NCORE?
    Check out some past newsletters by clicking the buttons below:


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    Questions? Contact us at