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Belinda P. Biscoe, PhD

Interim Senior Associate Vice President, University Outreach

PhD, University of Oklahoma

MA, BA, Fisk University

Belinda Biscoe, PhD


Dr. Belinda Biscoe is the Senior Associate Vice President for University Outreach at the University of Oklahoma. In her role, she provides leadership for more than 500 individuals in 18 departments within the Public and Community Services division. Dr. Biscoe’s colleagues and friends often refer to her as a renaissance woman because of her many talents and her ability to successfully juggle a tremendous workload that would drown most professionals.

Prior to her career in the College of Continuing Education, Dr. Biscoe served as an administrator in education and the non-profit arena. Dr. Biscoe served as a senior researcher in the Department of Planning, Research and Evaluation in the Oklahoma City Public School District, and the Director of External Programs, federal, state, and, local.

A psychologist, an internationally certified preventionist, and a state certified drug and alcohol prevention director, Dr. Biscoe co-founded a community-based non-profit organization that now employs more than 150 individuals. She also founded a corporation whose mission is to garner funding to support programs that improve the quality of life for thousands of Oklahomans. During the course of her career, she has secured finding to support programs in excess of $100 million dollars.

Dr. Biscoe has received numerous awards at the state and national level for excellence in teaching, leadership, scholarship and continuing education. Her honors include:

  • Oklahoma Journal Record Woman of the Year

  • Adelle Robertson National Continuing Professional Educator Award from UCEA

  • Great Plains Regional Continuing Professional Educator Award from UCEA

Dr. Biscoe was born and raised in Atlanta, Georgia, in a family where education was promoted as the key to opportunity and quality of life. “I love making a difference. Growing up in a segregated world made me very resilient and determined to make whatever contributions I could to improving the quality of life for others.” Belinda is a risk taker, in a planned and intentional way. “I always tell my to take creative risks, and jump, knowing that a net will appear.”


Anthony P. Natale, MSW, PhD

Interim Executive Director, Southwest Center for Human Relations Studies

PhD - University of Denver, Graduate School of Social Work (2005)
MSW - Portland State University (1999)
BS - Washington State University (1997)


Anthony P. Natale, MSW, PhD is Associate Professor at the University of Oklahoma Anne and Henry Zarrow School of Social Work, joining the faculty in 2005. Dr. Natale teaches across the social work curriculum including courses in Human Diversity and Societal Oppression, Diversity and Social Justice, Human Services Administration, Social Welfare Policy Analysis, Community Organization and Development, Human Lifespan Development, Counseling Issues in Human Sexuality, and Social Work Practice with LGBTQQIPA2+ populations.  Dr. Natale has a distinguished research record that has evolved into four distinct lines of inquiry, Health Disparities in HIV/AIDS prevention, Trauma and Gender Informed Interventions in Social Work Practice, Social Work Practice with LGBTQQIPA2+ Populations, and Social Work Pedagogy.

Most recently, Dr. Natale was completing a Senior Faculty Fellowship for Strategic Equity Initiatives for University Outreach.  In this role, he was consulting with and facilitating completion of the Undergraduate student, Faculty, and Staff/Administrator Theories of Change to draft action plans with steps, outcomes, outcome measures, and impact measures to increase diversity, inclusion, and belonging among historically underrepresented people.  In addition, he had been assisting the planning committee with the 2019 National Conference of Race and Ethnicity in Higher Education (NCORE) planning retreat and preparing to support the conference onsite.

Immediately prior to his Senior Faculty Fellow position, Dr. Natale completed a Faculty Fellowship for Inclusive Excellence in the University of Oklahoma Graduate College.  In that role, he led and facilitated completion of the Graduate Student Theory of Change to increase diversity, inclusion, and belonging among historically underrepresented graduate students; drafted holistic review in graduate admissions presentation for graduate degree-granting academic units; designed and delivered N2OU presentation and half-day program to recruit historically underrepresented students to OU graduate programs; drafted a Graduate College retention and degree completion plan for historically underrepresented students; created diversity, inclusion, and belonging content for a new Graduate College website; supported historically underrepresented doctoral students in STEM through the National Science Foundation (NSF), Louis Stokes Alliances for Minority Participation - Bridge to Doctorate program grant; revised Graduate College data to broaden diversity categories at the point of application; and consulted with individual academic units across campus on strategies for increasing graduate student diversity, inclusion, and belonging in recruitment, admission, retention, and degree completion.

Immediately prior to his Faculty Fellow role, Dr. Natale served as the Graduate Coordinator and Assistant Director of the University of Oklahoma Anne and Henry Zarrow School of Social Work.  In those roles, he provided oversight to Norman campus graduate and undergraduate programs; designed and implemented MSW program expansions; increased graduate dual degree and graduate certificate options; drafted policies, procedure and practice manuals for faculty evaluation, tenure and promotion, student conduct, and facilities use; directed inclusivity initiatives and programming for 300 students, 25 faculty, and 5 staff; oversight of facilities management; and assisted the Director in budget and administrative management.

As a social worker, Dr. Natale has committed both his professional social work practice and academic career to advance social, political, economic, and environmental justice for marginalized populations.