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Organize a Delegation and Maximize Your NCORE Experience

We have written a document with helpful information as you prepare your delegation. Visit this link to read more!

2017 NCORE Student Scholarship

Currently in its 24th year, the Student Leadership Development Conference Scholarship Program supports a paid conference registration for each student recipient. Undergraduate and graduate students are eligible. It is hoped that the scholarship awards will serve as an incentive for higher education institutions to support student participation in the conference. 

The following dates have been set regarding the application process:

  • Submissions Open: September 7, 2016
  • Submission Deadline:December 2, 2016
  • Student Scholarship Recipients Notified: January 20, 2017
  • Student Scholars Must Accept No Later Than: February 15, 2017


• All NCORE® Student Scholars will be required to complete the NCORE® 2017 Student Scholars' On-Site Educational Program. This program has academic and networking components that require each student scholar to participate in and complete a sufficient number of sessions (at least 20 session hours) to earn a Student Scholar Certificate of Participation.
• The student scholarship covers the registrations fee for selected recipients. Scholarship recipients and/or their institutions will be responsible for their own travel, hotel, and all other conference-related expenses.
• Attend Welcome and Student Scholar Orientation (Time/Date/Location TBD)
• Attend a minimum of twenty (20) hours of conference sessions, including a pre-conference institute
• Attend at least three (3) of the Keynote Sessions
• Attend Wrap-Up Meeting (Time/Date/Location TBD)
• Submit 500 word reflection of NCORE experience
• Complete Application
Access the form (linked below) and attach documents as required. Applications will be reviewed by a panel of educational professionals; 20 scholarships will be awarded. Notifications will be made no later than January 4, 2017.
A. Informational contact form
B. Cover Letter- compose a letter specifically addressing the following items:
• Highlights of your academic interest and achievements
• Highlights of your leadership interests and experiences
• Your reasons for wanting to attend and participate in NCORE
• Your commitment and availability to participate fully in the conference experience
C. Two Letters of Recommendation
• Letters must come from faculty and/or staff from your institution
• Letter should state institutional commitment to cover conference-related costs not covered by the scholarship.
• Letter should affirm the students’ commitment and availability to participate fully in the conference experience and the Student scholar’s On-Site Educational Program (outlined above).
NOTE: In the selection process, scores for letters of recommendation that do not address the commitment of institutional support for conference-related costs or affirm the students’ commitment and availability to participate fully in the conference and the Student Scholars On-Site Educational Program will be penalized for their failure to do so. It is the responsibility of scholarship applicants to communicate this effectively to those individuals they ask to write letters of recommendation.
D. Résumé


Our friends at Hamline University made the video below for NCORE 2011 and their tips will help you prepare for NCORE 2017. Take a few minutes to check out their advice. Thank you Hamline University for sharing this with us!


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  • Latinos in
  • Insight into Diversity

The National Conference on Race & Ethnicity in American Higher Education (NCORE®) is a program of the Southwest Center for Human Relations Studies

For accommodations on the basis of disability, please contact the NCORE® office: (405) 325-3694